Sunday, November 9, 2008

US: Give Obama a break

Senator Obama's victory as President-Elect this week was stirring, dramatic, and as a symbol of change in this country, long overdue. Naturally, he is getting all kinds of advice about what he should do now. I have a little piece of advice too.

Go on a vacation.

Obama has been campaigning almost continuously for two years straight. He's got to be exhausted.

Very soon, this man will have responsibility over the nuclear codes. He will have responsbility for wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. He will have try to rescue the American economy from an incredible mess. He needs to craft smart policies on climate change, energy independence, health care, and social security. This is a man who needs to be well rested.

I'm not saying he needs to take as much vacation as the current President. But look, JFK took six weeks off after his campaign, and it was far shorter and less demanding than Obama's. A week in the sun wouldn't be too much to ask.

Give the man a break.

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